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With the creation of Incotech, Incomac strengthens its commitment to excellence in the drying sector.

Incotech Srl, a company of the Incomac group, dedicated to customer service. Thanks to the experience of Federico and Adriano, we can guarantee a high level of assistance and technical support 24 hours a day.

You can contact us

By phone or Whatsappicon

Federico: +39 340 3793084

Adriano: +39 335 5767929

Or via

The incotech package features a series of exclusive pre- and post-sales services for customers. We offer our customers advice and support them in all project phases: after-sales and predictive maintenance, spare parts shipped within 48 hours, cloud-based software technologies for any kind of requirement, regeneration of old systems, ongoing training to improve productivity, Industry 4.0 high-tech control systems.

Our method

Strategic planning to achieve results

Incomac adopts the NEED method.
It is a specific method aimed at satisfying a need in the best possible way, resulting in an effective solution.


Development of a solution


Need definition and analysis


Evolution of performance in terms of production and savings


Elaboration of the upgrade project

Incomac NEED method

Process analysis

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Data collection

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Customer-oriented service

The customer support service is entrusted to a staff of specialists with specific skills and experience in performing overhauls, upgrades, repairs, maintenance, troubleshooting and remote diagnostics. As for remote diagnostics, Incomac uses specific dedicated software.

A distribution network consisting of the various Incotech branch offices and several agents allows the company to promptly respond to any request.

Incotech offers its services in the form of packages, specifically designed so that its customers can choose the one that is best suited to their needs.

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An always-available spare parts service

Incotech Parts is a service offered by a team of highly qualified professionals with a specific daily goal: to satisfy customer needs as quickly as possible.

Thanks to its well-established and extensive network of dealers and agents, the Incomac network, the company is always able to supply its customers with the spare parts they need to keep various types of systems in perfect working condition.

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We restore value to your old systems

Today, thanks to its experience and technological expertise, Incotech is able to not only regenerate its own systems but also those of its competitors.

Incotech not only takes care of the systems’ activation, but also makes the necessary fine-tuning adjustments to improve their operation and cost-effectiveness while focusing especially on energy efficiency.

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Incomac - inco-plus-services-incomac-itraining-1Support in usingthe control system

Incomac - inco-plus-services-incomac-itraining-2Support in setting up drying cycles:how to create and change them to achieve the desired result

Incomac - inco-plus-services-incomac-itraining-3Dedicated technical and commercial webinars, video tutorials

Training and consultancy

Incotech offers specific training courses and a dedicated consultancy service to help its customers improve the production performance of their systems according to their needs. Several factors come into play when it comes to optimizing system operation. On request, Incotech can provide a detailed analysis of system performance, normally after a couple of months of use, and can then make any necessary improvements to ensure that they perform better in terms of savings and production quality.

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Incomac - services-incomac-tech-1Monitoring production
data in real time

Incomac - services-incomac-tech-2Analyzing individual
drying processes

Incomac - services-incomac-tech-3Maintenance

Cutting-edge innovation to enhance productivity

Itech is a service dedicated to developing fully customized, state-of-the-art projects in order to address the increasingly sophisticated requirements of customers operating in different fields, including management electronics, integrated system management, Industry 4.0 technologies and much more.

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Analysis and solutions

INCOMATH is the main benchmarking and preventive analysis software for consumption optimization, developed by Incotech, Incomac’s R&D hub. By analysing the customer’s needs and requirements, thanks to Incomath, we are able to design the solution that will make production cycles more efficient in terms of quality, consumption and emission trading.

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