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Incomac 45 anniversary


What we are today is the outcome of 45 years of work and also of what we have learned and taken advantage of in order to meet the needs of the present. In this way, we create innovation for the future. Today Incomac is synonymous with quality and experience in building wood drying systems, steaming chambers, heat treatment systems and low temperature wood storage. Our goal is to be a reference point for our clients, supporting them not only in the improvement of production performances but also in the pre- and post-sales process. We aim to be the partner you are delighted to work with, knowing that we provide high-quality service and technologies.

Our history is our treasure,
our innovation-oriented
mindset is
our future

We help you choose the best drying system for your needs

Incomac turnkey wood drying systems

We need to keep up with technology in order to preserve our solid experience and expertise in developing drying systems. We believe in the future and future developments, therefore we are always ready to make structural changes to our processes and projects. We invest in research and development in order to give the best solutions to our customers. In addition to wood drying systems, we also design and supply:

  • the boiler system
  • the plumbing system
  • the thermal engineering
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Kilns installed in

95 countries


Kilns installed


Incomac kilns installed worldwide

The systems

Our drying systems are suited to the treatment of any species of wood. The systems that we offer differ based on the type of supply and the type of process. They are designed and implemented by our staff to fulfil the needs of any type of customer and to face the different temperatures and environmental and climatic conditions. All models are available in various sizes and can also be used for drying and the treatment of pallets, firewood, lamellas and different types of product.

Incomac green technologies

Green technologies with high performance

Savings and sustainability

Our Research and Development Department has been designing and creating particular technologies that aim to increasingly improve performance and functionalities of our systems and it has been able to achieve significant results in terms of energy recovery and process optimization. Every system is conceived and developed to fully meet specific needs of the customer and to adapt to different weather conditions. In this way, we create the perfect balance between production and environment.



Incomac - Resinosi_softwood_Incomac

3 things you need to know before drying softwood

Conifers are widely distributed over the world but are mostly found in Europe, North America, South Africa and Russia. We are often asked not only to develop and install drying systems for softwoods, but also to give technical advice and realize drying programs for this type of wood. Some best-known conifers are Silver fir, Norway […]

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Incomac Summer Holidays 2021

We achieved so many milestones in this first part of 2021! We couldn’t be prouder.   Summer holidays are now approaching in Italy though, so our offices will be closed from August 9th to 13th.   However, our technical service will be available if you need urgent help with your drying system. Please contact us […]

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Coste Bois chooses again Incomac’s drying kilns

Coste Bois confirmed its partnership with us once again and we couldn’t be more honored.   Coste Bois was founded as a family-run business and is now a leader in the production of chestnut, oak, pine and poplar wood flooring in France.   We had the pleasure to work with them for the first time […]

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Incomac goes Green

Sustainability is becoming a more and more essential requirement for companies and here in Incomac we want to do our part too.   We have been wondering how we could actually contribute and we decided to develop a zero-emissions drying kiln, our IDV. This is clearly a big challenge, since heat is usually necessary for […]