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Green technologies with high performance

Savings and sustainability, the prerogatives of our drying systems

Our Research and Development Department has been designing and creating particular technologies that aim to increasingly improve performance and functionalities of our systems and it has been able to achieve significant results in terms of energy recovery and process optimization. Every system is conceived and developed to fully meet specific needs of the customer and to adapt to different weather conditions. In this way, we create the perfect balance between production and environment.

Idry software

Incomac - green-technology-incomac-software-stop&go-1Electricity savings of up to 50%

Incomac - green-technology-incomac-software-stop&go-2High-quality drying

Incomac - green-technology-incomac-software-stop&go-3Usable in combination with any drying kiln

Incomac offers the STOP & GO drying program which, thanks to over 10 years of application and continuous development, is able to guarantee very important advantages in terms of energy savings and quality of treatments of the most diverse wood species.

The STOP & GO drying program measures all the main parameters and continuously monitors the state of the wood through a completely self-regulating system that independently manages ventilation and pause/work cycles based on the real conditions of the product and not through pre-set intervals from standard parameters.

The advantages of this system:

  • electricity savings of up to 50% compared to a standard drying cycle
  • improved drying quality
  • longer life of the motor
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The cycle management algorithm computes ventilation parameters automatically, based on humidity and temperature measured values.

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Electrical energy consumption over time. Savings achieved using STOP&GO cycle are displayed in dark grey.

Heat recovery

Thermal energy savings of up to 30%

Incomac innovative heat recovery systems preheat the external cold air using the outgoing warm air, and they significantly reduce the loss of thermal energy.

The advantages:

  • Thermal energy recovery of up to 30%: with the Incomac recovery system, air is canalized through a high-efficiency air-to-air heat exchanger. The recovery is smaller during the summer, when the external air temperature is higher.
  • Process optimization: the heat recovery system collects the air from the moistest point in the kiln and controls the speed of the extraction fan using the frequency converter. In this way, the system can create the desired climate conditions faster. Consequently, it is possible to reduce the operating time and to increase the quality of the product.
  • Ecological system: this reduces global warming and greenhouse gases.
Incomac heat recovery system

Multiple frequency converters, multiple advantages

Incomac - green-technology-incomac-inverter-1Reduced machine downtime

Incomac - green-technology-incomac-inverter-2Flexibility of control and recirculation

Incomac - green-technology-incomac-inverter-3Energy savings

Incomac - green-technology-incomac-inverter-4Optimization of the drying processes

Incomac’s multiple frequency converters optimize energy consumption. They allow you to save electrical energy and at the same time they ensure the right amount of ventilation based on the wood species. Each motor is equipped with a frequency converter. This ensures maximum flexibility and allows you to isolate the motor in case of fault, without stopping the whole drying process.

Reduced noise pollution

Our systems aim at preventing noisiness during the whole drying process, using:

  • Soundproof dampers
  • Options to modify panel thickness and composition
  • Motors and special blades
  • Options to program ventilation process in specific time slots thanks to the frequency converters

High pressure
water spraying

Incomac - green-technology-incomac-spray-1Optimization of the conditioning phases and reduced drying times

Incomac - green-technology-incomac-spray-2Used for special treatments

Incomac - green-technology-incomac-spray-3Less waste of water

High pressure spraying helps reduce conditioning and drying times by at least 10%. It is used for specific processes that require a more effective opening of the pores on the wood before it goes through the drying process. This applies to the treatment of thick, woods, hardwood type, or as an alternative to steam when treating stressed woods, such as Eucalyptus.

High-performance motors

All of our motors are designed to meet the highest performance standards (the efficiency class is in fact IE3 or higher) and are made with top quality materials to reduce and simplify maintenance. Also, the use of high efficiency axial fans always guarantees the right amount of ventilation with minimized consumption and noisiness.

Incomac high-performance motor

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