We’ve been

at the heart of drying
since 1975

wood drying kilns

We’ve been

at the heart of drying since 1975


Our drying kilns are suitable to treat any type of wood.

In any latitude the wood is cut, transported, transformed. Incomac kilns have all the structural and operational requirements to face adverse temperatures and environmental conditions. Incomac technicians and operators intervenes on the spot to install the kiln and make the testing. Every Incomac standard kiln, has been studied to support snow loading of 120 kg/m3and, if required by the client, until 250 kg/m3, it resists to a wind speed until 100 km/h and it increases the thermal insulation system on the Countries with very cold climates.
Incomac’s drying systems are the result of continuous development which reflects the applications, the experience and the competence of INCOMAC in facing and solving the problems connected with wood drying.

The models we offer differ depending on the heating system and all are designed and implemented by our team in order to fulfil the requirements of our customers, both in Italy and throughout the world. All products are available in various sizes, with front loading and tunnel loading options. They also all come in a PAL version, specifically for drying and treating pallets (HT FAO ISPM 15).

Designed to be versatile and adaptable to specific customer requirements, Incomac dryers can equip themselves with components that improve their performance and make them more functional to the production activity.



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