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Wood drying and drying technologies

Systems for the treatment of any type of wood

Our drying systems are suited to the treatment of every type of wood. They kilns have all the structural and operational requirements to withstand adverse temperatures and different environmental and weather conditions. Incomac’s technicians intervene on site to install the kiln and test it. In Incomac everything is conceived to improve the performance and extend the life of the drying system: from the load-bearing structure to the weld joints, from the doors to the screws. We have chosen aluminum and stainless steel because they are resistant to corrosion and wear and are able to withstand changes in temperature and a high production cycle. Each model is designed to withstand snow loads of 160 kg/m² and, on customer request, up to 300 kg/m², resistance to wind pressures of up to 120km/h and increase the thermal insulation system in countries with particularly cold and rigid climates. Also, our systems have a capacity ranging from 5 all the way to more than 1000m³, with pre-drying systems. Our wood drying systems differ based on supply systems and type of treatment and are designed and implemented to fulfil the needs of every type of customer. All models are available in various dimensions, with front or tunnel loading modes.

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Green technologies with high performance

Savings and sustainability

Our Research and Development Department has been designing and creating particular technologies that aim to increasingly improve performance and functionalities of our systems and it has been able to achieve significant results in terms of energy recovery and process optimization. Every system is conceived and developed to fully meet specific needs of the customer and to adapt to different weather conditions. In this way, we create the perfect balance between production and environment.

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