IDV – Wood dryer

Viscous dissipation chambers

Essiccatoi per il legno IDV

IDV – Wood dryer

Viscous dissipation cells

Essiccatoi per il legno IDV
Essiccatoi per il legno IDV


Viscous dissipation chambers

This revolutionary and innovative wood drying system does not require any type of auxiliary heating. No need for a boiler, furnaces, electric heaters, burners, heat exchangers or heat pumps. As well, no expensive vacuum cell or microwave over is required.

However, those who work in the wood sector, or all those who deal with drying, know that it is necessary to produce heat to dry the wood.
Heat is essential in the drying process.

How is it possible to generate heat without the use of auxiliary heating?

In the innovative IDV dryer, heat is generated thanks to a “viscous dissipation” process which transforms the speed of the air generated by the ventilators into a source of thermal energy.

Incomac’s IDV model allows for a significant reduction of total energy and operating costs per cubic metre.


Ventilators as a source of heat

No hydraulic installation

No type of burner

MC sensors with wires or wireless

Model Useful width mm Useful depth mm Useful height mm Capacity m³
IDV 20 4680 3720 3800 20
IDV 40 6480 5520 3800 40
IDV 50 7680 5520 3800 50
IDV 60 8280 7320 3800 60
IDV 80 10680 7320 3800 80



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