VAP – Wood dryer

Steaming chambers

VAP wood dryer

VAP – Wood dryer

Steaming chambers

Essiccatoi per il legno VAP
Essiccatoi per il legno VAP


Steaming chambers

Streaming facilitates the drying process. It can be applied to all types of wood and, depending on how long the process lasts, it can make the colour more even and give it gradation.

The operation consists in recreating an environment of saturated steam in which the wood is exposed to high temperatures and high humidity.

There are two types of VAP:

  • direct, in which the saturated steam is injected into the chamber using a perforated tube;
  • indirect, in which the steam is produced in a tub with coils inside, which superheated water or steam or heating oil run through.


Steam or superheated water supply

Chamber with a high level of thermal insulation

Possibility to vaporise from 80°C to 110°C

Cycle control with two temperature sensors

Model Useful width mm Useful depth mm Useful height mm Capacity m³
VAP D-T 10 1500 6500 2500 10
VAP I-T 10 2100 6500 2500 10
VAP D 20 4680 3720 3800 20
VAP I 20 4680 4320 3800 20
VAP D 30 6480 3720 3800 30
VAP I 30 6480 4320 3800 30
VAP D 40 6480 4920 3800 40
VAP I 40 6480 6120 3800 40



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