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High temperature wood steaming chamber

High temperature system

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-color-homogeneity Color evened out

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-color-variation Change of the desired coloring

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-tension-reduction Tension wood reduction

Incomac VAP wood steaming chamber

The VAP steaming chamber is fed by steam or superheated water, diathermic oil or through direct gas or diesel oil heating systems and is characterized by high thermal insulation. The cycle is controlled by 2 temperature probes. Steaming wood makes drying easier, it can be applied to all wood species and, depending on the duration of the process, it evens out colour and provides special shades. The process consists in recreating a saturated steam environment where the wood is exposed to high temperatures and to high humidity.

There are two types wood steaming chambers:

  • direct: where the saturated steam is injected into the chamber through a perforated pipe;
  • indirect: where the steam is produced in a tank containing coils with superheated water, steam or diathermic oil flowing through them. It is also possible to create steam through the use of gas or diesel oil burners equipped with specific heat exchangers.
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Field of application

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-resinous-wood


Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-deciduous


Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-exotic-wood

Exotic woods

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-pallet


Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-beams


Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-glulam


Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-firewood


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