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Kiln for high temperature wood drying and heat treatment

High temperature system

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-temperature Temperatures from 90°C up to 250°C

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-wood-properties It modifies features and properties of the wood

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-wood-stability It provides greater stability

Incomac IHT wood drying and heat treatment kiln

The IHT wood drying and heat treatment system works at temperatures starting from 90°C up to 250°C. It dries and treats wood at various temperatures depending on the requirements of the product. This is a drying kiln combined with steaming for particular types of wood that require steam as a form of conditioning or that need steam to achieve a different colour. The treatment carried out on the wood provides greater stability and resistance to weather, while achieving the desired colour tone. Heat treatments carried out over 200°C make structural modifications to the wood.

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Treatment cycle graph

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