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Pre-drying system

Special kiln

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-low-operating-costs Low running costs

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-boiler-optimization Optimized consumption of the boiler

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-preserve-wood-properties It preserves the properties of the wood

Incomac PRE wood pre-drying kilns

The PRE pre-dryer allows the storage of sawn wood at low temperature in large surfaces and in insulated environment, at controlled temperatures. Working at low temperatures (30°C/35°), it makes it possible to store the material and at the same time decrease the moisture of the wood protected from the elements, which in many cases can damage the wood’s natural drying process. The pre-dryer can also be divided into sectors where different climatic conditions can be created.

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Field of application

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-resinous-wood


Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-deciduous


Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-exotic-wood

Exotic woods

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-pallet


Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-beams


Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-glulam


Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-firewood


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