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Combined drying system with heat pump and boiler

Condensation drying kiln

Incomac - Riduzione-delle-emissioni versione2 50% reduction of emissions into the atmosphere

Incomac - Elevati-standard-qualitativi High-quality standards

Incomac - Reale-riduzione-del-consumo Real 30% reduction of heat energy consumption

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With the MAC_Hybrid wood drying kiln you can make the best use of the two conventional and condensation drying techniques and to use the available electrical and thermic energy in the most efficient way possible. In some cases, this solution allows you to avoid investing in a new boiler and, in some others, to minimize the new boiler investment. In this way, you can avoid permission and authorization problems and reduce maintenance costs. With this drying kiln, a higher drying capacity and a better drying performance are guaranteed.

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Field of application

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Junior version

The MAC_Hybrid drying system is also available in the junior version, to fulfil the demands of dryers with contained capacities: 5, 10, 20 m3. Junior models are the best solutions for operators who need high-quality drying of small amounts of wood. Since these systems are small-sized, they can also be easily installed inside the factory, as an integral part of the production line. Rails and trolleys make loading fast and easy.

Incomac ICD junior thermal fluid wood drying kiln

The relationship with our customers does not end with the sale of the system; we know how important it is to guarantee punctual assistance every time. This is why we created inco+, a full package of services that adds a bonus to our products.

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