PAL – Wood Dryer

Special treatment of pallets

wood drying kilns

PAL – Wood dryer

Special treatment of pallets

Essiccatoi per il legno PAL
Essiccatoi per il legno PAL
Essiccatoi per il legno PAL
Essiccatoi per il legno PAL


Chambers for drying  and heat-treatment of pallets

The FAO ISPM 15 regulation states that pallets and packaging must be sterilised. Incomac designs and produces systems for compulsory heat treatment and/or for drying.

These chambers are the same as the drying systems, in all the various versions, but with a electronics and software that allow for heat treatment at 56°C to be launched, certified and recorded. (FAO ISPM 15 )

According to the rules and guidelines laid down by the European Union, the only treatment methodology recognized since 2010 is the thermal treatment “HT”. This treatment is carried out in a drying kiln and foresees to raise temperature at the core of the wood to at least 56°C for a minimum time of 30 minutes (called direct method).

For some applications it is required that the material is treated at high temperature in order to reduce the possible presence of undesired micro-organisms.


Suitably sized heating system to accelerate treatment times

An EPDM rubber deflector between the roof space and the last, upper row of pallets

Ventilation that guarantees an even flow of hot air

Electronic system that is suitable for certification

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