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Kiln for pallet drying and heat treatment

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Incomac PAL pallet heat treatment kiln

PAL drying kilns for the thermal treatment of pallets are identical to those for drying, in every variation, but with electronics and software that make it possible to control the thermal treatment of the wood, record it and certify it in compliance with the International Standard ISPM 15. Standard FAO ISPM 15 requires the sterilization of pallets and packaging. According to the standards and indications issued by the European Union, the only treatment method recognized since 2010 is the “HT” heat treatment (Phytosanitary treatment according to standard FAO ISPM 15). The HT treatment of pallets is conducted in the kiln and involves raising the temperature at the core of the wood to at least 56°C for at least 30 minutes (the so-called direct method). For some types of processing it is necessary for the material to be treated at a high temperature to reduce the possible presence of undesirable micro-organisms.

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