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Drying kiln with heat pump system

Condensation drying kiln

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-electricity-supply Powered by electricity

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-biomass Use of non-polluting gases

Incomac - green-technology-incomac-software-stop&go-2 Delicate and high-quality drying

Incomac MAC heat pump wood dryers

The MAC wood drying system has a condensation system with heat pump that exploits the machine’s refrigeration system to the full. With the heat pump you achieve significant energy savings: with electric heating 1kW of energy produces 860 Kcal/h, the heat pump with 1 kW produces between 2000 and 3000 Kcal/h. With the MAC wood dryer, the potential of the heat pump is fully exploited: the cold that is produced is used to condense and expel the moisture that evaporates from the wood; the heat, on the other hand, is used to heat the wood and accelerate the evaporation of the water contained in it. The special feature of this system consists in the fact that drying is mainly through air recirculation and only under specific conditions for air ejection.


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Field of application

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Exotic woods

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Junior version

The MAC drying system is also available in the junior version, to fulfil the demands of dryers with contained capacities: 5, 10, 20 m3. Junior models are the best solutions for operators who need high-quality drying of small amounts of wood. Since these systems are small-sized, they can also be easily installed inside the factory, as an integral part of the production line. Rails and trolleys make loading fast and easy.

Incomac MAC junior heat pump wood dryers

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