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Drying systems for industrial use

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Incomac IND food, biomass and industrial drying kiln

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-food-dehydration-systems Industrial food-grade drying kilns

Drying kilns used for food dehydration are machines based on heat pump technology suitable for faster cycles. Created for industrial coffee drying, they are also suited for drying fruits and plants.

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-industrial-treatment-systems Systems for the treatment and drying of industrial materials

Systems for the treatment and drying of industrial materials are custom-made and built for various industrial sectors and can be used for various processes:

  • drying and heat treating building materials
  • Quenching of plastics
  • polymerizing fabrics
  • drying cardboard

Such solutions can be achieved using classic static systems or tunnel-type systems with continuous handling of the materials

Incomac - drying-kilns-incomac-hot-air-generator-systems Drying systems with hot air generators

Drying systems with hot air generators are used for biomass drying. The heating is produced by a thermal ventilating machine with thermal fluid heat exchangers. This type of system is particularly suited for drying wood chips (drying capacity up to 1000 kg/hour) or firewood, as it represents a solution that requires a low investment and optimizes electrical consumption. It can also be used to dry hay, corn or other similar products. These systems are suitable when using low-cost heat sources, such as sources that come from district heating systems or residual energy coming from cogeneration plants, biogases, etc..

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