30 July 2021

3 things you need to know before drying softwood

Conifers are widely distributed over the world but are mostly found in Europe, North America, South Africa and Russia.

We are often asked not only to develop and install drying systems for softwoods, but also to give technical advice and realize drying programs for this type of wood.

Some best-known conifers are Silver fir, Norway spruce, Larch and Douglas fir. They are used in the construction industry, for interior furnishings, packaging and much more.


Let’s see what are the characteristics of these wood species and what you need to know before drying them:

   1. Their strength, that is the maximum stress they can bear before breaking, and their durability are modest.

   2. They contain a large quantity of water and do not shrink much.

   3. Warping, collapsing and cementation are not common problems of these wood species.



With the right drying system and the support of Incomac experts, it will be easy for you to dry softwood perfectly.


We will help you choose the most suitable drying system for you, depending on:

   • fuel or energy source you have

   • origin of this wood species

   • final application of the material.



ICD, TAG, PRE, IHT and MAC are among the most suitable Incomac’s drying systems for drying softwood.

Find out what is the best Incomac’s drying kiln for your needs, click here.


We can also offer you other personalized technological solutions that guarantee higher performance and lower consumption.




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